Making Big Changes For 2015! Submissions Open And Festival Moving!


Breaking Fate Entertainment is excited to announce that we will be separating Afterlife Paranormal Conference from the Chicago Paranormal Film Festival and out of Chicago in general!  We have our sights set on Historic (and Historically Haunted) Gettysburg for new venue!  As our brands continue to grow, we feel it is a wise move to spread out our work to new regions and demographics!

The Chicago Paranormal Film Festival will remain in Chicago and has been rebranded to The Chicago Para-Con & Film Festival.  Submissions for that event are also open!  More details on the official website

Many awesome plans are in the works for this festival now in it’s 7th season!

To start off the season, we will be opening film submissions exclusively on FilmFreeway...

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Ghost Cold Water – Official Selection of The 2013 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival



Ghost Cold Water is a short film written and filmed by David Scott. The film is set in the apartment of a young man who recently walked in on his girlfriend cheating on him. He is visited by a menacing character which forces him to face his own demons.

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“Lost in the Woods” The Real (And Unreal) Story of Bachelors Grove on Exhibit at The 2013 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival!



“Lost in the Woods: The Real (and Unreal) Story of Bachelors Grove,” and is a place for sharing the love of and advocacy for one of the most disheveled–but also most compelling–cemeteries on Earth.

The exhibit first opened in August 2013 in Blue Island, Ilinois, and is an ongoing, traveling effort created by Ursula Bielski and Karl Kochmann, who have collectively spent more than 25 years researching and admiring this enigmatic locale.

You can view this amazing exhibit on display at The Chicago Paranormal Film Festival!

For more details about this collection & research visit

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Within The Darkness – Official Selection of The 2013 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival!


Within the Darkness is the story of a group of friends with aspirations of fame and fortune in the “ghost hunting” business. They set out to shoot a spec pilot for a TV series “The Paranormal Dimension, with Austin Barnett.” Austin, Lucy, Jessie and Bruce are prepared with video cameras and the tools of the trade but not prepared for what awaits them in the Hewit House. Be careful what you wish for.

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Lost Soul – Official Selection of The 2013 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival



“Lost Soul” is the story of a young man who wakes up in a strange house not knowing how or why he got there. As he looks around the house for whatever he can find to shed light on his situation, he finds a ghost-like figure pursuing him. Unable to leave the building, he looks for clues to find some way of escaping before the ghost is able to gain enough strength and corner him.

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Children of the Grave 2 – Official Selection of The 2013 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival


CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE 2 From acclaimed filmmakers The Booth Brothers creators of Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures), Spooked, The Possessed, Children Of The Grave, The Haunted Boy as seen on SyFy and Chiller. This shocking new paranormal, documentary film continues the true hauntings of ghost children and their emotional stories of the supernatural. Featuring never before seen real ghost evidence. Emotional, Supernatural and Scary. “Jump for your Afterlife!”

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Hunting The Legend – Official Selection of The 2013 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival


5 years after his dad was believed to have been killed and taken by a Sasquatch, Chris Copeland takes his girlfriend, best friend and a documentary crew on a week long expedition into the Alabama woods to prove the creature’s existence and to seek revenge. The crew begins by buying guns, renting a tracking dog, then driving to Camden, Alabama, where Chris’ dad was killed. Once in the small town, the crew interviews the townspeople and films their accounts with the mysterious beast. They are then led to others who have physical proof. Once in the woods, unexpected events occur which leaves the crew on high alert while camping and hunting the legend known as Bigfoot.

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The Possessed – Official Selection of The 2013 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival


After years of violent and self-destructive behavior, a young Mary Roff from Watseka, Illinois was committed to an asylum in Peoria, Illinois, and on July 5, 1865, she died. Twelve years later, a Watseka girl named Lurancy Vennum began exhibiting the same behavior as had Mary.
When Asa Roff heard of the incident, and believing that the spirit of his deceased daughter Mary has possessed Lurancy, he convinced the Vennum family to not commit their own daughter. Lurancy Vennum moved in with the Asa Roff family in 1878 and lived with them for several days. There she was examined by Dr. E. W. Stevens, who wrote about the case, and upon whose journals the film was based.

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America’s Most Haunted – Official Selection of the 2013 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival!

americas most haunted

This is the story of the popular ghost hunting show “America’s Most Haunted”. They’re not here to just communicate or take some pictures. They’re here to kick unwanted ghosts out. Their methods may be questionable, and their “proof” may not hold up to careful scrutiny, but people seem to like it and they keep getting paid by their sponsors.

However, on this particular episode, the AMH crew has come across something they’ve never dealt with before… A place that may actually be haunted. Even though this could be more than they can handle, rest assured that Leon Falco, the shows fearless host, has a plan.

“America’s Most Haunted” is a horror/comedy that’s scarier than “Ghostbusters” and funnier than “Poltergeist” which all adds up to a good time in the theater!

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The Paranormal Highwayman At The 2013 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival!



He’s a loner, set in his ways, doing things different than most paranormal researchers, meeting ghosts head-on, no holds barred. ever vigilant for that fleeting moment..  Come meet David H. Lowery, known as “The Paranormal Highwayman” at The 2013 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival!  He will be giving a presentation about his travels and paranormal passion project.

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