Ghost Tapes 2 – 2014 Official Film Selection!


Ghost Tapes is back and better than ever! Featuring some new investigators, all new locations, submissions, and the investigation of a lifetime at the legendary and historic; Stanley Hotel. Join Luke, Jim and others as we continue to search for evidence of life after death by investigating some of the most haunted locations in the country. Join us, and discover the truth.

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The Place Where You Live – 2014 Official Film Selection!

The Place Where You LiveA professor of physics is abducted by her counterpart from an alternate dimension–one where her husband has died. Replaced by her doppelganger, she struggles to rebuild the machine and reopen the gateway between worlds to regain the life that should be hers.

Screening as part of The 2014 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival at 3:45PM Sunday November 23rd!

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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Insane – 2014 Official Film Selection!


A young talented director on a location scout in the abandoned psychiatric hospital of a rural community inadvertently awakens the ghost of a tormented soul seeking retribution.

Screening as part of The 2014 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival at 2:15PM Sunday November 23rd!

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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Stage 3 **WORLD PREMIER** – 2014 Official Film Selection!


Weeks after a paranormal investigation gone wrong, the former leader of the group must get over depression, and help one of his former investigators. Things are worse than anyone fears.

World Premiering as part of The 2014 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival at 2:15PM Sunday November 23rd!

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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True Crime Paranormal: Freetown – 2014 Official Film Selection!


The ladies of #PXP and “True Crime Paranormal” use the latest paranormal technology to solve crimes still lingering through the Freetown Forest in Fall River, MA.

Located in the heart of the Bridgewater Triangle, these female ghost hunters will gather evidence through both criminal and paranormal investigation techniques to uncover the truth about who could truly be behind these unsolved crimes.

Screening as part of The 2014 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival at 10:00AM Saturday November 22nd!

Check out the Teaser Trailer Below:

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Vincent Pitisci – 2014 Special Guest & Workshop Host!


Lifelong Tarot reader and author of The Genius of the Tarot. From his bio:

” Along with private counsel, I do many classes and lectures on the Tarot throughout Chicago and into Wisconsin. I also conduct phone readings worldwide from China to Chicagoland. Any insight or psychic awareness I experience will be based on solid ground and clear thinking. I am a clairvoyant, psychic, empath and an skilled Tarot reader. I have read for celebrities, judges, congressmen, AM Radio and all walks of life with great success. Born in 1952, I have been using my “psychic awareness” all my life. Over the years my reputation and success speaks for itself. I have been the house reader at many reputable establishments who value their name and carefully choose who will represent their establishment...

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Debby and Mark Constantino – 2014 Special Guests & Investigation Hosts!

Debby and Mark Constantino2

Debby and Mark Constantino are a husband and wife paranormal research team specializing in EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena.) They have been married since 1989 and reside in Northern Nevada.  They have been blessed enough to have traveled and investigated some of the most haunted locations in the country with some of the most prominent people in the field. Over the past several years the couple has been channeling most of their time and effort into receiving EVP on a consistent basis.

The Constantinos believe there is a process that allows us to reach our loved ones, giving closure to the dead as well as the living. They also believe that EVP is a huge tool that can aid police in crime solving.  Debby has the gift of attracting spirits...

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Adam Selzer – 2014 Special Guest & Workshop Host!

Adam Selzer

Adam Selzer is an author by day, primarily of young adult novels, including the acclaimed How To Get Suspended and Influence People (Random House 07) and I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It (Random House 2010) along with hisSmart Aleck’s Guide to American History and several other books that are avaiable in six languages. A full-time researcher into Chicago history and ghostlore, he practically lives in the newspaper archives, and his knowledge of grave robbing makes his neighbors reluctant to attend his barbecues.

Adam’s expertise is regularly sought out by producers for shows on The History Channel, SyFy, PBS, NPR, and others – he’s appeared on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, the Mancow Show, and countless other programs and podcasts, and sometimes wor...
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Keith Age – 2014 Special Guest & Presenter!


Keith Age is the founder, and leader of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society (LGHS), one of the most recognized associations of ghost researchers in the world.   He is also the host of SyFy’s SPOOKEDtelevision series and has worked side by side with the Booth Brothers on paranormal documentaries such as Children of the Grave and The Haunted Boy.  Keith is the author of a new book titled ‘Out of the Dark’ and a documentary titled “Ghosts of Galena.”

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Vince Wilson – 2014 Special Guest and Presenter!


“… Wilson is perhaps the foremost expert on the technology of ghost hunting  in the US.” – Wired Magazine

Vince Wilson has always been interested in science, history, and the  unexplained since as far back as he can remember. Together with a long-time high school friend, he founded the Baltimore Society for Paranormal Research. He soon set his sites higher and joined the American Institute of Parapsychology — a collection of groups dedicated to serious paranormal research and scientific observation. Wilson is the author of Ghost Tech and Ghost Science. He has lectured on ghost hunting technology and has also
appeared on all the major local TV stations in the Baltimore area and on numerous radio stations in regards to his work in paranormal research...

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